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The job description of IBM Certified Developer:

The IBM Certified Developers provide support to the IT business worldwide through various business portfolios like a cloud, cognos, tivoli, and many more. Essentially the IBM certified application developer looks after the application development for an organization.

Primarily the certified developers help in facilitating IBM's strategy by providing the support to clients through modern tools they need to do their work, be responsive to our clients, and to act with speed and agility.

Following are the essential for an IBM Certified Developer job description

  • To break down complex requirements into simpler solutions to resolve business difficulties
  • To build high-quality software for large-scale and highly available systems
  • To evaluate complex features and prepare application specifications
  • To demonstrate a high level of initiative, ability to work within a scrum team
  • To develop and support application solutions for IBM products & services in various platforms
  • To troubleshoot and develop the application software
  • To perform integration testing
  • To support new development activities but also support production break/fix as well as devops activities
  • To perform application development basis the agile methodologies as per clients requirements
  • To conduct appropriate module testing based on the test cases
  • To detect, report, investigate and fix defects in the application for production support


A primary degree holder in the area of computer science and IT will suffice the need to get certified as IBM developer

IBM Certified Developer’s salary:

As per payscale, the average salary of IBM Certified Developer is around $89000 per annum in the United States. However, part-time or as a freelance developer can be rewarding and useful to advance your career.

How FieldEngineer.com helps employers and job seekers

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    Find a Freelance Cisco Network Management Specialist Jobs

    Cisco Network Management Advantages:

    Cisco network management products reduce the challenges faced by small and medium scale businesses. Cisco network management products can help with the following:

    ·  Help reduce the full cost of the product

    ·  Boost productivity and increase user satisfaction with higher network availability

    ·  Improve growth by simplifying and fast-tracking positioning and alignment

    ·  Cut down the network operating costs and shorten business processes

    Cisco Network Management Specialist Job Description:

    A Cisco specialist provides a wide range of services to resolve and support the network's uptime around the clock. The specialist ensures the security of the company’s network. It is the responsibility of the Cisco network specialist to look into the performance of the business network.

    These specialists design and influence the enhancement, modification, and adjustment of components in the network's infrastructure. They coordinate with third-party providers to ensure the network products and services are secured.

    The professional simplifies the deployment. The technician also manages all Cisco services, technologies, and platforms. They maintain all required network updates on the VPN, WLAN, WAN, and LAN. The specialist will perform a connectivity check and monitor the RF (radio frequency) levels at a given time for a better result.

    The four critical job aspects of network management specialist include

    1. Fault Identification
    2. Performance Management
    3. Network Provisioning
    4. Maintaining QoS

    Education and Certification:

    A bachelor's degree in IT or a related technical field is ideal. The candidate should have a minimum of four years of experience with network groundwork. Certifications in CCIE is highly acceptable throughout the industry.

    Cisco Network Management Specialist Salary:

    According to Payscale, the average salary for a network management specialist is around $54,250 per year. A freelance Cisco certified specialist can be a rewarding career. Global freelance marketplaces provide a platform for a freelancer to connect with potential employers across the globe.

    Use the FieldEngineer.com Platform:

    Sign up with FieldEngineer.com to get hired as a freelancer in the On-demand marketplace. FieldEngineer.com helps you connect with employers who are looking for trained freelance Cisco network specialists. Over 40,000 engineers have joined this portal. Your next gig may only be a click away!


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      Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialist Job Description

      Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialists resolve issues related to Windows operating systems and other hardware and software. The Specialists must be able to identify and fix problems quickly. The other responsibilities include:

      • Responsible for troubleshooting desktop environments running Microsoft Windows operating systems
      • Providing technical assistance in product evaluations and sourcing
      • Installing and configuring software and hardware
      • Identifying and resolving issues related to computer and network connectivity
      • Working both independently and as a part a team
      • Upgrading and maintaining Windows hardware, software, and other applications
      • Providing technical support to clarify Windows desktop problems
      • Managing and supporting end-user devices, such as desktop systems and other peripheral equipment
      • Assisting in testing, analyzing and resolving issues related to Windows operating systems
      • Providing enhanced desktop and customer support services

      Educational Qualifications

      Many organizations require that Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialists have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field. Some employers prefer candidates that have prior work experience as well. Others seek professionals that have a master’s degree or a specialization that emphasizes Microsoft Windows.


      Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialist
      This Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialist certification requires candidates to have desktop operating system support experience with an emphasis on Microsoft Windows. It provides individuals with a specific set of skills to fulfill a variety of job roles. The certification process focuses on training candidates to solve hardware or software issues on Windows client systems. The certification will continue to be valuable while Windows continues to dominate the marketplace.

      Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialists Salary

      According to Payscale.com, the salary of Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialists is about $56,000 per year in the United States. As per Indeed.com, average wages for Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialists range from $15.11 per hour for Technical Support personnel to $20.69 per hour for Senior Help Desk Analysts.

      Apply Here: Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Specialist Job Description


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        Cisco IPS Specialist’s job description

        Cisco security professionals have to manage all security equipment, such as the Cisco ASA, IDS/IPS devices of Cisco. They have to promptly act when alerts arrive by examining potential security and data issues.

        Specialists must review switches, routers, and firewall configurations. They need to work with the different teams, such as telephony team, systems administrators, and application owners of business units, to come up with IT solutions to tackle threats to their business.

        Specialists must communicate, implement, and apply technology-related policies to secure organizational data. It is their responsibility to develop, schedule, and initiate technology-related projects that directly impact their organization’s bottom lines.

        Specialists will often prioritize, scrutinize, and sort out major technology matters for the management. They frequently suggest and guide their management, employees, and clients on technology matters.

        Specialists will also have to maintain encryption devices, firewalls, monitoring devices, and intrusion prevention systems. They will have to work collaboratively with the IT team to test and implement disaster recovery plans.

        Engineers must have a comprehensive understanding of LAN/WAN internetworking, including protocol network architecture, development interoperability, and needs for proof of concept.

        Besides, specialists need to oversee the installation, execution, configuration, and maintenance of network components. They have to establish security processes to sort out data loss weaknesses, keep risks under check, and suggest system components or security changes when necessary. Specialists maintain the telecommunications data and voice networks, to meet customer requirements, organization’s objectives, and technological resources. They provide support for the strategic planning of telecommunications support.

        Specialists manage and maintain the security operations process, such as Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, etc.

        They plan, install, and provide support for various networking devices and services, such as load balancers, VPN, and QoS wireless. Specialists need to have expertise in Access Control, SSL Inspection, TCP\IP, Policy Management, and general networking structures.

        Finally, they carry out security audits, assessments, and identify security breaches in the ecosystem.

        Apply Here: Cisco IPS Specialist Job Description


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          ÐаÑÑинки по запÑоÑÑ Ð°ÑдиоÑказки

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          Когда у Вас также нет времени прочесть обычные сказочные истории, значит, мы советуем прийти на сайт «аудиосказки-онлайн.Рф». На данном веб-ресурсе Вы сможете отыскать лучшие, популярные аудиосказки. Вы сумеете прослушивать сказки на компьютере или на смартфоне. Это очень комфортно и оперативно. 


           На интернет-сайте имеется возможность слушать сказки онлайн, а имеется возможность скачать бесплатно на свой мобильник. Все зависит от ваших требований. На таком веб-портале выставлены бесплатные сказочные истории, потому вам совсем ничегошеньки не требуется платить за прослушку и закачку. 


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            Job Description

            The Cisco Routing and Switching Solutions Specialist will primarily design and deploy the end-to-end enterprise network. They must have a proper understanding of High Availability (HA), WAN optimization, and IP version 6 (IPv6) systems.

            It is the responsibility of the Cisco Routing and Switching Solutions Specialist to develop secure networks to help the transport of multiple types of applications. They must have good knowledge about IP Network Convergence.

            The specialist must update the system with the latest network industry trends. They should even look into the designing and deploying end-to-end enterprise networks. It is them who should keep the customer informed in the process of the developing system components.

            The professional will examine and evaluate the system functionality and supervise all of the functional design requirements. They should be capable of creating a logical and detailed network diagram and engineering task list. The specialist should encourage the organization to invest in test plans and easy deployment methods.

            They should provide the necessary inputs and assistance to develop new products. The professional must execute project-based engineering, design, installation, and troubleshooting. It is the Cisco Routing and Switching Solutions Specialist job description task to take care of the voice, video, and data network security implementation.

            Cisco Routing and Switching Solutions Specialist must play an active role in the assessment and design network, storage, and core networking environments. They should help clients in the execution of data and voice communication networks. The professional must plan graphical and text-based documentation processes for effective management. They should have excellent knowledge of data center and security protocols.

            The Solutions Specialist must know how to configure and troubleshoot routers and switches. They should have a good understanding of network protocols and complex LAN/WAN infrastructure support. The professionals are responsible for taking care of the network equipment including routers and switches. The specialist should manage and providing technical assistance to recover any critical network events.

            The specialist will also look into the advanced troubleshooting and complex routing tasks. They have expert knowledge in the technical field of network, development, testing, and implementation of technology solutions. The professionals offer expert recommendations and solutions in the areas of design as well.


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              Robert Atkinson is one of the most reputed lawyers in Las Vegas. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas has dealt with over hundreds of personal filings and bankruptcy case. He is famous for handling some of the most complicated bankruptcy cases with his technical prowess and unmatched skill. He owns unique talent and strategy to turn the cases in favour of his client and that is the reason behind his exceptional popularity among several satisfied clients. Some complex cases where Attorney Robert Atkinson Reviews shows excellent competency are reorganization plans, avoidable transfers, disclosure statements, top-priority claims, class voting, security interests, trustee actions, lien avoidance, and unsecured priority claims.


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              Data Center Network Technician Job Description:

              The Data Center Network Technician is the backbone of an organizational data center. Most of the work of a Data Center Technician can be very pro-active, as these professionals may work with specific servers and hardware machinery for the given network set up.

              Dealing with the individual servers include working within the boundaries of the business scope, i.e., distribution of cables or even restructuring physical security around the data center location. It can be achieved through several building projects or types of maintenance work for proper safety. Regarding the data center setting, a Data Center Technician also may make a right amount of effort regarding utilities and maintenance for the data center.

              Observing at available power sources, heating and cooling controls and further can be a consistent part of what the data center technician does.

              Data Center Network Technician also does the logical and virtual area of data center set-up. The Technicians may extract reports connected to the operation of a data center which has more to do with the data transfer in and out than anything physical or mechanical. 

              In common, the Data Center Network Technician might be responsible for facing questions and on-site queries from several sources and provides the correct information to organizational heads around what a data center is doing and how to enhance these business practices.

              About technology requirements, Data Center Network Technicians may be probed about proficiency with operating systems, as well as several other scripting languages and various kinds of network hardware deployment. Employers prefer certified professionals from a category like CompTIA as part of data center technician qualifications.

              More Information: Data Center Network Technician Job Description

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                Teletypewriter Installer Job Description

                The technician installs, repairs, and maintains the teleprinter machine. These machines play an essential part in maintaining communication between different locations. Telecom companies use the machine to facilitate interaction between people and organizations. Some of the essential job responsibilities of the installer include:

                • Ensure the telephone and line connections are in working condition
                • Perform station testing after the installation of the machine
                • Install the teletype machine per the diagram
                • Install the ribbon and paper in the teleprinter
                • Troubleshoot the teleprinter machine for any faulty connection
                • To install the friction feed paper’s supply assembly if desired by the customer
                • Perform regular maintenance of the teleprinter
                • Check and verify the telephone system and its wire system connection with the data set
                • Analyze issues and repair manual and automatic teletypewriters, facsimile-recording devices, and switching equipment
                • Test and adjust equipment by using testing devices
                • Document the error log sheet and its resolution to the customer


                An installer should have a high school diploma or equivalent to start in the field. Employers also look for candidates who have experience handling and repairing electromechanical devices.


                To become a teletypewriter, the professionals need to have essential skills which will help boost their career. They should have an understanding of transmission, switching, broadcasting, control, and procedure of telecom systems.

                Following are the areas of skill elements:


                To install devices, equipment, cabling, or programs to meet the guidelines


                To conduct trials to define whether devices, software, or techniques are operating as projected


                To repair teletypewriter machines or systems using the required tools

                Issue Identification

                To define and fix the identified technical faults


                To determine the root cause of an operational error and the solution for quick resolution

                Choice of equipment

                To determine the type of techniques and equipment required to perform the work

                Equipment Repairs

                To perform regular maintenance and define when and what type of maintenance is required

                Information collection

                To know how to discover information and classifying vital information

                Critical Intelligence

                To use the logical and scrutiny to identify the strengths and weaknesses of various methodologies.

                Know More: Teletypewriter Installer Job Description


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                  Cuando Google publica una actualización de su algoritmo de búsqueda, afecta a las estrategias de optimización de motores de búsqueda (SEO) que afectan a todo el mundo y mantiene a la comunidad SEO, junto con los webmasters y los propietarios de la web, en sus dedos de los pies. El 8 de marzo de 2017, la actualización de Google Fred definitivamente hizo más que eso. La actualización no confirmada del ranking de Google 'Fred' fue publicada y agitó el mundo del SEO. (Sí, lo has leído bien. La actualización ha sido llamada extraoficialmente'Fred'.) La actualización de Google Fred no debe tomarse a la ligera.

                  Las actualizaciones de los algoritmos de SEO pueden afectar a las campañas de SEO y reducir el tráfico del sitio web de forma significativa.

                  La actualización de Google Fred ha causado algo de pánico porque algunos casos reportaron una pérdida del 90 por ciento en el tráfico del sitio web debido a la búsqueda orgánica. Además, una encuesta reciente realizada por la Mesa Redonda de Motores de Búsqueda encontró que el 44.2% de los sitios web fueron impactados de alguna manera por la Actualización de Google Fred. 

                   Por qué el nombre'Fred'?

                  El nombre'Fred' fue nombrado por Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst de Google, como editor de noticias de Search Engine Land, Barry Schwartz, le pidió a Illyes que nombrara la actualización que la comunidad SEO estaba experimentando, en la cual, respondió Illyes:

                  ¿Qué es la actualización de Google Fred?

                  El Fred Update de Google para SEO fue pensado y especulado inicialmente para ser una actualización para la limpieza de las prácticas de uso de enlaces de sitios web spammy para aumentar la autoridad del dominio. Esto, en teoría, aumentaría los rankings en los resultados de búsqueda de Google. Sin embargo, el 13 de marzo de 2017, Barry Schwartz determinó que la actualización hacía más que eso. Él y su equipo revisaron más de 100 sitios web diferentes que, según se informa, se vieron afectados por la actualización de Google Fred. La revisión encontró que la actualización generalmente se dirige a sitios de contenido de bajo valor y alto contenido que se centran en la generación de ingresos en lugar de proporcionar ayuda o información útil a sus usuarios.  Schwartz explicó además que el 95% de estos sitios web tenían dos cosas en común:

                  Principalmente sitios de estilo'contenido' (formatos de blog o sitios de noticias)

                  Fuerte enfoque en los anuncios y la colocación de anuncios en el sitio en comparación con el contenido

                  Sin embargo, como algunos webmasters le informaron a Schwartz que habían eliminado sus anuncios por completo de su sitio web, él teoriza que la actualización de Google Fred no es nueva, pero el peso del algoritmo se incrementó e intensificó como en esta época del año pasado. Google eliminó la política de limitar tres anuncios por página para los usuarios de Google AdSense. Por lo tanto, se cree que Google ahora sólo lo está haciendo cumplir a través de su algoritmo, en lugar de a través de sus directrices de mejores prácticas sugeridas.  

                  ¿Por qué se creó la actualización de Google Fred?

                  La actualización de Google Fred Update se creó porque Google quiere beneficiar a sus usuarios de búsqueda clasificando sitios web fáciles de usar y proporcionándoles información relevante basada en sus consultas de búsqueda. Google no quiere que los usuarios sean engañados por técnicas de SEO de "sombrero negro" que causan que los sitios web con mala experiencia de usuario se clasifiquen en la primera página de los resultados de búsqueda, pero que no ofrecen nada, excepto una mala y frustrante experiencia de usuario.  Una vez más, Schwartz explica que la Actualización de Google Fred tiene un impacto negativo en los tipos de sitios web que son "sitios de contenido pesado y de bajo valor". Esto significa que la actualización generalmente afecta a sitios web que son típicos 'basados en afiliados' o 'marketing de afiliación' o simplemente proporcionan una experiencia de usuario pobre en sus sitios web para aumentar 'clicks' en los anuncios para generar ingresos.  Por lo tanto, Google está intentando eliminar estos sitios de contenido de bajo valor publicitario y establecer un nuevo "estándar" y una "expectativa" para los sitios web, con el fin de establecer una nueva práctica óptima para los sitios web y el diseño web.

                   ¿Qué hace la actualización de Google Fred? consultor seo

                  La mayoría de nosotros -si no todos- nos hemos encontrado con sitios web "spammy" mientras buscábamos en Internet. Podemos estar de acuerdo en que son irritantes, ya que no suelen proporcionar la información o solución que buscamos en primer lugar. Aquí es donde entra en juego la actualización de Google Fred. Pone un alto al tráfico del sitio web en los sitios web que tienen un único propósito de maximizar los ingresos mediante la obtención de tráfico web. Al no permitir que estos sitios web no fáciles de usar ocupen un lugar más alto en las páginas de resultados de búsqueda, es menos probable que los usuarios hagan clic en ellos.


                   ¿Cómo puedo saber si mi sitio web se vio afectado por la actualización de Google Fred?

                  ¿Su sitio web cayó inesperadamente en el tráfico del sitio web o palabras clave entre el 5 y el 20 de marzo de 2017? Si no lo hizo, entonces es más que probable que su sitio web no se viera afectado por la actualización de Google Fred. Sin embargo, aunque no afecte a su sitio web, haga que la actualización siga sirviendo como una advertencia para su empresa. Los sitios web que experimentaron el impacto de la actualización de Google Fred, reportaron una pérdida de tráfico en su sitio web del 50% o más, y en algunos casos, los sitios web experimentaron una caída del tráfico del 90% en su sitio web. 


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