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This Nursing Essay about nursing theory what is a set of organized and systematic statements which relate to the discipline of nursing (Alligood and Tomey, 2002). The theory offers both explanatory and predictive elements to the nursing profession. In practice, theories are compositions of definitions, concepts, propositions and models which are based on given assumptions. Often, the derivation of theory is based on two approaches, inductive and deductive logic.

The primary objective of nursing theory is to optimize nursing outcomes by enhancing understanding of issues (Alligood and Tomey, 2002). Hence, nursing theory focuses on assessing patient conditions relying on various methods as advanced by theoretical propositions, identifying patient needs, demonstrating effective communication, solving problems, and improving caregivers’ knowledge of responding to nursing concerns.

For nursing theory to be helpful, it must allow users such as nurses to make consistent observations (Croyle, 2005). In addition, the theory needs to be supported by research. Nursing theory must also recognize the worth of other nursing theories besides possessing the power to describe, forecast, and explain the prevailing nursing phenomenon.

In practice, nursing theories are expected to assist nurses in assessing interventions and nursing care. It is clear that nurses are charged with an important responsibility, which focuses on care delivery to ailing and elderly people. For that reason, they need knowledge to be able to discharge their duties appropriately. Nursing theory plays this role as it empowers nurses on how to care for those in need (Croyle, 2005). Similarly, nurses are in a position where they influence research. Reliance on nursing theory informs nurses on such aspects as data collection and analysis. Hence, the theory offers a rationale for the collection of reliable and valid data. Such data are useful in influencing decision-making in nursing and other healthcare facilities. It is also highlighted that nursing theory is significant in regards to its role in establishing a criterion to assess the nursing care quality.

Often, it is touted that leadership is related to organizational outcomes. Leadership entails a process where a leader interacts with a follower (Blake et al., 2012). A leader is a person that occupies a senior position while a follower occupies a subordinate position. It should be noted that there are various theories on leadership, which play an instrumental role in understanding issues in various fields such as psychology, business, nursing, sociology, among others. Such theories include the trait theory of leadership, the contingency theory of leadership, situational theory, authentic leadership theory, transformational, transactional theory, etc. The current paper focuses on the theory of authentic leadership in reference to influencing nursing outcomes. Authentic leadership theory claims that leaders should be in a position to influence, spur and motivate followers, but should not use these attributes as strategies to achieve their goals (Blake et al., 2012). Authentic leadership is credible leadership which does not change depending on situations.

The paper will also focus on the problem of reporting errors in nursing facilities before considering a strategy to encounter the issue. In the final stage, a conclusion of the paper showing knowledge learned from the application of the nursing theory is presented.


Improving patient safety has been and remains a critical objective of nursing facilities. In order to achieve the goal, reporting professional errors is not only significant, but also essential. However, a considerable number of nurses and clinicians fail to report errors encountered (Balas and Scott, 2006). Various factors play a role in the state of affairs which could be resolved by employing authentic leadership theory.

Despite making great strides in technology which is reflected in the skills of care givers, patients are exposed to harm due to medical errors. Moreover, the errors contribute to increasing expenditures associated with healthcare (Balas and Scott, 2006). A big proportion of the errors is attributable to the activities of nurses. Nurses commit errors when providing services leading to a huge effect in terms of deaths and financial costs (Balas and Scott, 2006).

As Balas and Scott (2006) observe, medical errors are grave and pose a continuous threat to the safety of patients. Despite the precision that comes with technology and the mastery skills sharpened after many years of learning, healthcare providers are not invulnerable to such errors (Balas and Scott, 2006). A research published by the University of Pennsylvania revealed that thirty percent of the nurses committed errors in the previous 28 days (Wolf and Hughes, 2008).

Besides harming or not harming patients, errors by professionals point to a vulnerability of the nursing system (Wolf and Hughes, 2008). One problem is the absence of a safety culture. Moreover, the working environment is unsupportive, since the working conditions are unpopular among nurses and physicians. In order to overcome some errors, enhancing a positive system of reporting errors could be desirable. Three types of common errors include: errors that are harmful to patients, harmless errors, and errors with the potential of causing harm but are prevented before occurring (Wolf and Hughes, 2008). Reporting these types of errors is likely to enhance system responsiveness. This would allow caregivers an ample time to track errors, and explore ways to prevent repeat incidences or reverse events which are about to happen. Hence, reporting professional errors is of great value in enhancing attempts to improve medical care and overall patient safety. Unfortunately, a considerable number of nurses are reluctant to embrace the culture of reporting professional errors.

Balas and Scott (2006) observed that issues concerning legal action, economic loss, job threats, honor, unwillingness to take responsibility, weakness of nurses, and poor error management skills were major contributing factors to a poor error reporting culture. If a nurse is threatened by such issues as job loss or legal action, then reporting errors is seen as a foolish move on the part of the nurses involved. The implication is that to changing the approach to error reporting is desirable if progress is to be made.

Other factors act as barriers to error reporting. Such factors border on nurses’ perceptions, organizational culture, perception of error gravity, etc. (Wolf and Hughes, 2008). In the category of issues associated with nurse issues, legal concerns and job loss play a critical role. The overall view is that nurses fear reporting errors would put them in problems. Hence, they fear the punitive measures likely to be adopted against them by healthcare facilities’ leaderships. Moreover, there is a possibility of being struck out the list of nurses. Thus, the consequences are serious.

Similarly, nurses use their judgment to determine which errors to report and those to ignore (Wolf and Hughes, 2008). In practice, they base their actions based on their perceived consequences of the errors. Nurses feel that if an error has no serious effect, then reporting is of no value. Some nurses may also degrade some errors to perceive them as not errors. Hence, they will not report issues they consider as not meriting to be called errors.

Organizational factors relate to how organizations handle the errors that are reported (Wolf and Hughes, 2008). For instance, if an organization has failed to act, in the past, nurses see no reason to report errors. In other cases, organizations adopt punitive measures which scare nurses from reporting. Nurses who feel they are treated unfairly attempt to hide errors whenever they occur to avoid facing the wrath of the authorities.

Nurses are also a burdened group of workers, since they have many responsibilities. Thus, they have a heavy workload which predisposes them to committing some errors. When handling a heavy workload, nurses may forget or have inadequate time to concentrate on the errors (Balas and Scott, 2006). Thus, measures to revise the workload may be useful in controlling error reporting.


Strategies are developed to tackle concerns within any organizational environment. In the current case, the focus is on addressing the problems relating to error reporting in nursing settings. In order to address the nursing issue, adopting the authentic leadership style as envisaged in the leadership theory would be desirable.

Authentic leaders remain genuine, which is an aspect that is clearly manifested in their handling of issues (Blake et al., 2012). In this regard, authentic leaders do not conceal some aspects about themselves. This is because they are not afraid of expressing themselves based on whom they are. Similarly, authentic leaders are guided by their life purpose. The implication is that they find satisfaction in what they do. Thus, the leader’s career objectives and are aligned with their true selves. For that reason, authentic leaders lead their entities with the purpose of achieving entity goals, mission and vision.

In the modern times, leaders encounter apprehensions concerning how to tackle issues relating to serving people to fulfill their needs (Blake et al., 2012). Hence, in organizations, strive to attain the vision and mission becomes a primary concern of leaders. In many incidences, leaders are required to facilitate transition with a view to effecting change. A successful leader has to demonstrate authenticity. As a term, authenticity involves aspects such as natural, credible, genuine and consistent.

From the analysis of the error reporting problem, nurses’ problems emanate from various angles. For instance, legal action, economic loss, job threats, weakness of nurses, honor, poor error management skills and unwillingness to take responsibility can be addressed by adopting attributes of authentic leadership. In this regard, an authentic leader is expected to empower followers (nurses) by demonstrating a high level of understanding of the issues surrounding the problem. In particular, authentic leadership should reassure nurses that victimization would cease if nurses chose to report errors as they occur.

Concerns over authentic leadership’s effect on followers’ performance persist, despite the widespread acceptance that authentic leadership is commendable (Blake et al., 2012). This emerges because the leadership style is thought to contribute to influencing the behavior of follower. For instance, the demand that a leader aligns a follower’s aspirations to those of an organization’s remains an ethical concern. The question is – is it moral to influence a person to adjust their aspirations? The leadership style raises ethical concerns, since it supports asking employees to sacrifice individual aims in favor of those of an organization.

The perceptions of nurses on incident reporting influence the handling of the problem greatly as observed by Wolf and Hughes (2008). However, experience or errors involved influence the perceptions of nurses. For example, nurses consider the errors that occur before deciding the next step about reporting. In practice, nurses see no reason to report errors that they consider inconsequential. This scenario is partly attributable to the belief by the nurses that they are in control of such situations. The adoption of authentic leadership can change this situation by changing the perceptions held by nurses. The leadership can achieve this by advocating the role of handling emerging issues with a viewing to eradicating recurring problems such as error reporting.

Another obstacle to reporting of errors is organizational structures (Wolf and Hughes, 2008). The authors hold that most organizations are intolerant, since they view the commission of errors as negligent behavior on the part of nurses. This indicates that leadership is a concern. The problem is further complicated by the reactions that follow error reporting. If nurses are afraid of reporting errors, then the adoption of authentic leadership strategies is the strategy that nursing facility leaderships should adopt.

Balas and Scott (2006) indicated that putting nurses on the spot was a major contributing factor to error reporting problems. Hence, adopting authentic leadership which is based on avoiding blaming nurses would prove an important step. Such a culture discourages hiding errors since nurses understand that error reporting is meant to improve healthcare services delivery, as opposed to being used to punish them.


Based on the analysis of authentic leadership theory, several elements emerge. To begin with, authentic leadership comes out as a leadership paradigm based on openness and empowering of followers. The theory advances the notion that leadership can play a significant role in addressing nursing concerns. This implies that the theory underscores the idea that problems or healthcare concerns are not only attributable to nurses or lower cadre officers, but to also senior ones. The paper demonstrates that the error reporting concern is largely committed by nurses. However, the case holds since nursing leadership has not taken the appropriate steps necessary to correct the situation.

Another issue that emerges is that theory and practice are two related aspects. Practice reflects what professionals do in the course of discharging their duties. On the other hand, theory is a body of knowledge or a set of interrelated concepts/ ideas that help explain the phenomena. In the current case, theory is used to explain the role of leadership in a nursing set-up. The theory also illuminates the association between leadership and nursing outcomes. In regards to the association between theory and practice, it is clear that the theory informs practice. Specifically, the authentic leadership theory has a bearing on how nursing leaders should address the problem of error reporting. In turn, practice has a bearing on the theory that is applied. Before the theory of leadership is invoked, the prevailing circumstances are considered to have affected the choice of solutions.

Nursing theory offers a basis for nursing practice. This is attainable by generating knowledge and showing a preferable nursing bearing to guide developments in the field. In this regard, theory is considered to play an important role in laying bare what is known and what is unknown.

To conclude, it is held that theory plays a major role in addressing nursing concerns. Theory enriches the discipline as it allows for the development of strategies to tackle problems, as well as improve the service provision. However, theory may not be useful if it does not allow users such as nurses to derive consistent observations. Moreover, theory needs to be supported by research. Theory supported by research is useful in developing healthcare interventions towards various health problems.


Alligood M. R., & Tomey, A. M. (2002). Nursing theory: Utilization & application .3rd ed.

Missouri: Elsevier Mosby Publications.

Balas, M. C., & Scott, L. D. (2006). Rogers AE: Frequency and type of errors and near errors

reported by critical care nurses. Can J Nurs Res, 38(2), 24-41.

Blake, N. et al. (2012). A model of authentic leadership to support a healthy work

environment. AACN Advanced Critical Care, 23(4), 358–361.

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behavior (Second Edition). U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National

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New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Wolf, Z. R., & Hughes R. G. (2008). From error reporting and disclosure: Patient safety

and quality: An evidence based handbook for nurses. Rockville. MD: AHRQ publication. 

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Di ujung lain biaya anggaran pabrik standar pengolahan produktivitas untuk akses ke para petani perangkat poker ini. Menjanjikan untuk membayar petani dalam beberapa jam, yang merupakan keberangkatan besar dari situasi mereka saat ini. Para pembeli dengan senang hati membayar biaya ini sebagai memberikan mereka data sebagai imbalannya. mereka biasanya tidak akan mendapatkan, seperti ramalan hasil atau input mana yang digunakan serta ketertelusuran.

Menurut keyakinan yang kuat bahwa poker perlu untuk mengatasi seluruh rantai nilai. Ini juga merupakan bidikan di lengan untuk kampanye anggaran unggulan yang mencoba untuk menarik perangkat investasi asing dan menghidupkan pekerjaan standar yang sangat dibutuhkan di bidang manufaktur. Pabrik kini telah menjadi unit manufaktur smartphone terbesar, kata Moon, saat perusahaan mengumumkan produktivitas bahwa rencananya untuk akhirnya memproduksi jutaan smartphone setahun di pabrik.

Langkah Manufaktur Tentang Produktivitas Poker

Presiden Bulan akan secara resmi diterima oleh Presiden pada hari Selasa sebelum mengadakan pembicaraan dengan di ibukota poker. Ini adalah langkah penting menuju membuat India menjadi pusat manufaktur,  judi poker online tentang produktivitas juta investasi pabrik anggaran standar. Samsung membuka pabrik smartphone terbesar di dunia di India pada hari Senin, langkah Perdana Menteri mengatakan akan membantu mengubah perangkat ekonomi terbesar ketiga.

  • Mengakses Kredit Anggaran
  • Biaya Perangkat Poker
  • Layanan Hubungan Manufaktur

Menjadi pusat manufaktur global. Para petani kecil di berbagai pasar berkembang sangat bergantung pada perantara dan rentenir untuk mengakses kredit. tetapi juga untuk layanan lain termasuk pembelian input dan penjualan hasil panen anggaran standar mereka. Tengkulak ini memungut biaya poker yang sangat tinggi sekitar per tahun, perangkat dan itu adalah hubungan yang sangat eksploitatif dan kasar yang bisa menjadi sangat kasar dan bahkan melibatkan pembunuhan jika petani gagal membayar mereka kembali.

Tambahan Pelindung Produktivitas Poker yang menjadi layanan baru generasi gerakan untuk peningkatan pendanaan anggaran besar besaran terhadap persahaan yang perangkatnya kurang bagus dan berkembang.

Oleh datang pada saat yang kritis untuk raksasa elektronik, yang menghadapi pertempuran keras dari pesaing untuk mengendalikan pasar produktivitas prangakat smartphone dengan anggaran besar-besaran. Halaman dan didirikan mulai di Standar poker dan mentransformasikan perangkatnya menjadi salah satu perusahaan terbesar di dunia.yang hanya mengumpulkan jutaan dalam pendanaan benih dan didukung oleh Yayasan bertujuan untuk melakukan hal itu.


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Kali ini berjumpa lagi dengan kami, artikel kami kali akan membahas tentang suatu website-website Agen Domino99 Online yang dapat agan percayai serta saat memainkan games perjudian disana akan merasakan suatu kenyamanan tersendiri nantinya. Dan serta lebih aktif lagi memainkan games perjudian secara online nantinya. Saat ini memang banyak sekali suatu website perjudian secara online yang telah tersebar dan berkembang sangat pesat karena hal ini memang banyak sekali para plyares perjudian secara online ini lebih menarik dari pada perjudian secara langsung ini oleh karena itu banyak sakali para pemain judi di tempat yang lebih berguna saat memainkan games perjudian mereka secara online ini karena resiko dari games perjudian secara online ini memiliki sebuah resiko yang tergolong memiliki resiko yang lebih kecil jika dibandingakan dengan permainan judi secara langsung ditempat.

Dan juga karena pemainnan judi secara online ini lebih bersahabat yang dengan modal yang sedikit dapat memainkan games perjudian ini dan serta dapat memainkan berjenis jenis permainan Poker Online  yang telah disediakan oleh website tersebut jika dibandingkan dengan memainkan judi secara langsung di tempat pasti mengeluarkan sebuah modal awal yang cukup banyak jika dibandingakn dengan perjudian secara online serta belum lagi resiko yang mengerikan akan menghampiri para players yang memainkan games judi secara langsung di tempat itu sangat mengerikan  karena negara Indonesia  melarang adanya suatu praktek perjudian dalam bentuk apapun dan jika ketahuan memainkan games ini akan di kenakan hukuman denda serta hukuman penjara nantinya.


Untuk memainkan games perjudian secara online ini agan dapat memainkannya di computer mupun di laptop agan serta jika agan tidak memiliki dua hal itu agan dapat memainkan games perjudian secara online ini smartphone agan yang tentunya harus mengunduh sebuah aplikasihnya terlebih dahulu dan setelah itu mengunduh kemudiam mengistal agar dapat memainkan games ini secara online nantinya games ini hanya membutuhkan sebuah jaringan yang stabil agar saat memainkan games ini nantinya tidak memiliki kendala serta gangguan apapun nantinya jadi saat ingin memainkan games judi ini di smartphone agan kami sarankan untuk mengecek apakah jaringan yang agan miliki itu dapat memungkin agan untuk memainkan games perjudian ini dapat di mainkan di smartphone agan tanpa adanya sebuah gangguan yang akan menggangu agan nantinya saat memainkan games judi ini di smartphone anda.


Namun untuk hal ini  jika sudak tidak akan dapat untuk digunakan yang akan terjadi pada suatu hari nantinya dimana para players judi secara online ini pasti ingin mencari sebuat website yang tentunya dapat di percaya dan tentu saja yang terbaik untuk memainkan games perjudian tersebut oleh karena itu banyak sekali para players judi online ini mencari website-website yang dapat dipercaya nantinya saat memainkan games perjudian secara online ini dan tentu saja saat memenagkan games perjudian ini akan sangat terjamin  untuk pihak dari website itu mentrasfer apa yang telah menjadi hak miliki kita, jadi agan agan sekalian juga harus berhati-hati saat  memilih sebuah website perjudian khususnya  di Indonesia ini karena banyak sekali pemain lokal yang memainkan games perjudian ini karena adanya sebuah larangan dari pihak Indonesia memainkan games ini. Demikian artikel kami kali ini semoga artikel kali ini dapat memberikan manfaat kepada agan agan semuanya. 



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Jadi perusahaan memiliki kepentingan keuangan,baik dalam mempromosikan database otonom dan produk terkait untuk keamanan, integrasi dan aplikasi,dan dalam mencegah intrusi di tempat pertama.Memiliki reputasi lonjakan memiliki siku tajam di pasar dan ruang sidang, tetapi menggunakan perusahaan industri togel tajam adalah bisnis yang tepat. adalah penyebab banyak masalah keamanan yang muncul.

Perusahaan tampaknya melakukan lonjakan produk ini sekarang saat mereka pindah ke layanan baru cahaya industri togel. Ini juga tampaknya menjadi strategi yang merangkul basis pelanggannya perusahaan industri togel, tim menyebarkan kode baru untuk produksi pada tingkat rata-rata sekali setiap, Direktur Analisis artinya ini bagi orang awam, itu berarti bahwa orang-orang di terus-menerus membangun fungsi baru.

  • Meningkatkan produk industri togel
  • Fitur perusahaan industri togel
  • Kemampuan lonjakan produk perusahaan

Memperbarui fitur yang ada, Jika pengecer produk perusahaan togel mencari untuk memasuki pasar baru, ingin menjadi strategis tentang lonjakan produk jenis pasar barang dagangan ke konsumen. Jenis pesan yang berbeda bergema dengan berbagai jenis orang yang tinggal di berbagai perusahaan industri togel, memperbaiki bug untuk secara bertahap meningkatkan produk mereka dan pengalaman pelanggan secara keseluruhan.

Beberapa Format Bisnis Industri Togel

Itulah mengapa mereka memiliki hasil bisnis yang fenomenal. Juga perlu rencana. Mungkin membuka sebuah kemampuan lonjakan produk perusahaan. Dalam karir saya sebagai penulis resume, saya telah melihat banyak resume di meja saya, dan saya ingin berbagi beberapa masalah umum format yang biasa saya lihat secara teratur. Tentu saja, resume membutuhkan lebih dari pemformatan industri togel.

Membutuhkan konten untuk perusahaan togel demi meningkatkan perkembangan lonjakan produk produk industri togel tentang teknologi masa depan perusahaan togel

Ini membutuhkan konten yang ditulis dengan baik, ditargetkan, dan cerita yang jelas tentang perkembangan lonjakan produk perusahaan. Ini perlu mengkomunikasikan merek dan proposisi nilai yang unik togel online. Ini menjadi jelas bahwa kita jauh ke dalam mungkin tergantung pada bagaimana mengukur keterlibatan sebelumnya. Ini juga saat yang tepat untuk berpikir tentang teknologi masa depan industri togel.

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Get the college assignment help services outstandingly by the high qualified tutors at Students Assignment Help. Our faculty is proficient in writing any assignment. If students are not satisfied with our assignment work, then we also provide free revision services to them. F

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Di sebuah tempat bermian kepada anda di dalam melakukan sebuah pemrianan Poker Online  yang pastinya akan bisa memberikan keuntungan dan juga kemudahan kepada anda di dalam bermain permianan judi online dan disini and aharus bisa mengerti bahwa di dalam memainkan pemrianan judi online ini merupakan salah satu tempat kepada anda di dalam memainkan di salah satu kesempatan yang sudah sangat besr dan akan di berikan oleh para bandar online kepada anda yang bermian di dalanya jadi memang disini anda par apemain yang memang ingin bermian anda harus  bisa mengerti bahwa ketika and abemrian anda harus bisa mengerti keuntungan apa saja yang akan anda dapatkan di dalam bermian permianan judi online yang ada di indonesia ini dan anda  juga harus bisa menentukan tempat anda bermain agar anda tidak salah di dalam memilih tempat untuk anda bermain.

Jadi meamng disini anda para pemain harus bisa mengerti bahwa sudah sangat banyak seklai hasil yang bisa and adapatkan di dalam bermain permianan judi online ini yang memang tidak hanya itu saja pada saat anda bermain permianan judi online ini anda perlu bisa melakukan para pemain yang bermain Agen Domino99 Online  dan akan menggunakan kartu remi sebagai media yang akan anda lakukan nantinya jadi meamng disini anda para pemain harus bisa berupaya sebaik mungkin untuk bisa melakukan sebuah permainan dengan menggunakan sebuah pengalaman anda di di dalam bermain permianan judi poker online yang sudah memberikan permiana yang sangat menyenangkan kepad aanda di dalam bermain disini and ajuga bisa menambahkan wawasan dan juga permianan yang terbaik yang meamng akan bisa anda lakukan di dalamnya dan di berbagai macam daerahnya.


Adapun beberapa permianan judi poker online yang memang sangat menarik yang ada di dalam permianan dan juga akan bisa mendapatkan maraknya permianan yang memang sangat menguntungkan di dalamnya jadi memang pada saat anda melainkan permianan judi onine ini yang bisa  memainkan pemrianan judi online untuk adna bisa mencoba percobaan untuk bisa memainkan dengan ar ayang sangat mudah untuk anda bisa mendapatkan keuntungan yang ada di dalam bermain  permianan judi onine ini dan merupakan sebuah tujuan kepada anda di dalam bemrian dan bagaimana cara anda untuk bisa memainkan permianan judi online di dalam menikmati sebuah pemrianan sebab memang disini anda juga par apemain yang bisa memulai dari pembelajaran untuk bisa mendapatkan keuntungan di dalam bermian permainan judi online.


Dan kelebihan yang sudah ada di berikan bandar judi online ini dimana par apemian yang nantinya akan bisa mendapatkan sebuah peluang di dalam bermain permianan judi online ini yang akan bisa di lakukan dengan susah payah ini jadi memang disini anda para pemain harus bisa menyadari bahwa di dalam bermian pemrianan judi online ini and abisa mendapatkan keuntungan yang sangat besar di dalam bermian dan juga bergabung di situs jdi online ini tentunya anda juga harus bisa memahami permianan judi online ini agar and abisa memainkannya jika anda sudah memahami permianan judi online ini anda tidak perlu takut lagi jika anda bermian di dalam permianan judi online ini.


Dan di dalam anda bermian anda tentunya harus melakukan pendaftaran di situs jdi online dan di salah satu permianan yang anda alami di dalam bermian sebab memang di dalam anda memainkan taruhan anda harus bisa mengerti permianan apa yang akan anda mainkan yang bisa membuat anda mendapatkan keuntungan.



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