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Princess Ekaterina Trubetskaya is going to a long journey. She promises to remember her home and the city, asks for the blessing of her father. The princess knows that it will be difficult, but full of determination. A secretary is sent with her.

Trubetskoy is in a hurry and generously distributes chervontsi at each station in order to quickly replace horses. The road is difficult and the winter is severe. A month later she approaches the Yenisei.

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On the road, a woman often sleeps. She has cute pictures of the past: a children's ball in her home, an acquaintance with her future spouse, holidays, on which she captivates everyone with her beauty. But the Princess's chosen one is not happy with the secular fuss. And now the couple are already in Rome, wander among the ruins, inspect the museums, enjoy freedom. The strict beauty of the temples is replaced by living pictures of Italian folk life.

Then there are very different stories: moans of burlaks, poor people, who are bending their backs in the fields of her homeland. The princess asks her husband: "Is it so everywhere?", To which he replies: "In another way there can not be slaves and beggars in the country."

Trubetskaya wakes up from the shackle. This is the party of exiles. The woman gives money to the convicts and thinks sadly that her beloved also went here.

Princess is dreaming a new dream. Standing on the top of a tall tower, she sees a huge square filled with people. The shelves are shouted: "Surrender!", But the soldiers do not back down. In the square, a general rides to disperse the rebels. He is thrown off the saddle, the attempt is repeated by another, they are killed. The military tries to pacify the metropolitan, but he is advised to leave. Then the cannons are rolled out, and the king himself gives the command to shoot. The princess falls from a height, she is terrified for the fate of her beloved.

Now she dreams of a long and damp prison corridor. The old invalid leads her to the arrested spouse. He is alive and well, but the verdict is cruel. The Princess asks: "How can I help?", But the husband replies that it is useless to ask. In awe, she wakes up. Around only a dark forest, you can hear the howling of wolves. The coachman assures that everything is in order, and the princess again falls asleep. This time she dreams of a southern landscape. Next to her husband, she jumps in a flowering valley. A woman with a basket throws her a flower. All around singing about happiness, that her dear friend is next to him and free.

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Part two

The hard way lasts two months. The secretary got sick on the road, and the princess goes on alone. In Irkutsk it is met by the governor - the old man in the rank of general. Trubetskoy asked to harness the horses to Nerchinsk and quickly. The governor persuades the woman to rest. With the last mail came a paper in which it is reported that her father is seriously ill. The old man asks Catherine to return. But the princess is adamant. She loves her father very much, but she can not turn back.

The governor frightens Trubetskoy life in the mines. There, the winter lasts eight months, mores are very rude, there are always fights and murders. You will have to live in a common barrack, eat bread and kvass. Trubetskoy responds that she must share the fate of her husband.

The governor is sure that the woman will end with a harsh climate. But the princess agrees to die next to her beloved. Then the old man tells about the moral suffering of her husband, who will blame himself for having ruined his wife. The woman in reply assures the governor: she will be strong and eventually will become the support of the spouse. The general still reminds the princess that she is young, she is waiting for freedom, honor, wealth, perhaps a new marriage. Trubetskoy indignantly rejects such plans.

Having exhausted the arguments, the governor demands to sign a renunciation of the inheritance and the title of nobleman. Trubetskoy, not a moment does not hesitate, agrees. But the general offers the woman to think again. Then he is sick for five days, and the princess has to wait. After recovery the governor declares that he can not give the woman horses. She will go along with convicts along the stage. Trubetskoy agreed to everything, she will go!

The heart of the old man is filled with pain. A tear rolls down his gray mustache. He acted on orders and placed obstacles, but no longer able to interfere with the iron will of the princess. Catherine will be delivered to Nerchinsk in three days.


 Сегодня Санкт-Петербург является одним из туристических центров в мире из-за своей богатой культурой и историей. Архитектурный аспект примечателен; счастливая гармония периодов и стилей из-за известных архитекторов были, среди прочего, Растрелли, Воронихин, Росси и Квасов. Острова, извилистые реки и каналы придают городу город exceptionnelle.La оригинальность была основана в 1703 году Петром Великим на месте бывшей шведской крепости, контролирующей доступ к Неве (река сегодня " в Санкт-Петербурге). Это порт на Балтийском море «окно на запад» для России.

 Малые мосты, купола храмов и мозаики, красивые фасады дворцов открыты для глаз посетителя.

агентство высококлассная встреча с российскими женщинами, ищущих russesfemmes mariageSaint Петербурга, называют «Северной Венецией» из-за многочисленные водные путями (рек и каналов), находящимися на ее territoire.C'est один из самых красивых городов Европы.

Широкие бульвары, вводящие, обширные площади и тихие каналы здания с красивыми мостами свидетельствуют о престижном прошлом этого города, который был резиденцией tsars.Des известных музеев, великолепных замков и представлений качества в театрах и концертных залах обогатят ваше путешествие и ваши воспоминания!

Санкт-Петербург - европейский город рядом с Полярным кругом.

С июня по июль ночи светлые. Это знаменитые бессонные ночи - («Белые ночи» на русском языке)

Это связано с высокой широтой. Сумерки встречаются на рассвете ... незабываемое зрелище.

Солнце падает только на несколько часов в сутки.

Бульвар Невский (Невский проспект) находится в Санкт-Петербурге, что на Елисейских полях в Париже, много магазинов и магазинов.

Люди имеют быстрый и легкий доступ ко всем технологиям и некоторые магазины открыты 24 часа 24 (в том числе продуктовых магазинов).

В Санкт-Петербурге есть ряд супермаркетов в западном стиле, где вы можете купить свежие продукты.

Улицы города оживают, как нигде; любовники многочисленны и одиноки в одно и то же время.

Санкт-Петербург, это не Сибирь!

Континентальный климат смягчается влиянием Балтийского моря. Средние температуры в самую холодную зиму не опускаются ниже -7 ° C. Лето довольно умеренное с сезонными средними значениями около 20 ° С. Санкт-Петербург - более крупный город, чем многие 

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