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Job Description

The job role of a Network Controller is to monitor, operate, manage, troubleshoot, and maintain the services related to data communication network and ensure that they are available to all the end users. Additional work competencies include:

    Supervising the company’s network systems.
    Overseeing local and wide area networks (WANs) linked to various computer platforms, operating systems, network capabilities, and topologies.
    Installing network systems to maintain connectivity of systems and sources.
    Monitoring network issues and troubleshooting when necessary.
    Proactively looking for network elements and alerts that can hamper quality.
    Managing complex network systems, provide ongoing troubleshooting, and resolve performance problems.
    Reviewing daily tickets and ensuring assigned cases are resolved in a timely fashion.
    Responding, troubleshooting, and resolving assigned cases.
    Maintain records and logs related to reported problems.
    Carry out data input and all reporting functions and related to network management.
    Report suspected breaches to the relevant team.

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