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Nexon’s third quarter financial report is out now, along with the company is calling it a “solid” one, with revenues boosted above expected as a result of overperforming updates for MapleStory 2 Gold and Dungeon&Fighter but nevertheless down 11%  year-over-year (though up once forex is thought about – the Japanese yen has grown to be more valuable relative to your Chinese yuan, the foundation of most of the recent gains).

As noted earlier recently, the organization is bringing 35 games (which 7 are for PC and 28 are for mobile) to G-Star in Seoul later this month; that, plus games just released in Japan along with a push to the Thai market, has the corporation  bristling with full confidence in 2017.

The western chunk of Nexon’s pie continues to be relatively small, but Nexon is touting the launches of Riders of Icarus and HIT as adding to year-over-year development in North America.

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