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Kevin Durant made his return to your city that gave him his start making it once in ten years an NBA game was played in Seattle.
Before the Warriors tipped from the preseason tilt resistant to the Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins Kings, Durant experienced a message for that crowd at KeyArena.
That message sported Durant rocking a Shawn?Kemp jersey. Kemp also spent his rookie season along with the next seven numerous his 14-year career together with the SuperSonics.
“First off, I desire to give a shout out for the Seattle Storm for holding it down and winning a championship — much love," Durant said.?"On behalf of myself, the NBA and my organization and teammates, we’d wish to thank you for popping out and supporting us.
"I know it’s been a rough decade. The NBA is last Seattle with the night, but hopefully it’s back forever soon."
Watch the heartfelt opening here.
Durant kept the jersey on through player introductions. Now more ways to buy bargain NBA Live Mobile Coins, as an example, visit official mmoah site.

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