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Electronic Arts stopped releasing sports games on Wii U and Facebook, at least for the time being, because "sports gamers weren't there," said EA Sports executive vice president Andrew Wilson in an interview with MCV.
EA Sports isn't releasing Madden Overdrive Coins or FIFA 14 on Wii U this year, although it released entries in both franchises on the console when Nintendo launched it last November. The company's next-generation engine, EA Sports Ignite, doesn't currently support Wii U or Windows PC — only Xbox One and PlayStation 4. EA's most recent Facebook title was Madden NFL 13 Social, which was released last fall; prior to that, the publisher experimented with a number of types of mmoah social gaming experiences on the web-based platform.
Wilson told Polygon at E3 that there's a chance EA will build PC support into the engine later, although that's dependent on a couple of factors. The company also may return to Wii U in the future, he said to MCV, but again, some things would have to change first.