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GREE, a platform for social and mobile games, will bring a lot more than 30 games to your Tokyo Game Show, the corporation announced recently.
GREE, a platform for social and mobile games, will bring a lot more than 30 titles towards the Tokyo Game Show, the business announced recently.
GREE is determined to have a very major presence on the convention, with Madden Mobile Coins plans for 16 of the own games and 17 partner titles for being available there.
The in-house GREE titles are Animal Days, Aqua Arcadia, Bleach Soul Masters, Dragon Ark, Driland, Lost in Stars, Manteka Hero, Million Derby, Monpla Smash, Naruto: Ninja Masters, Petit ☆ Planet, Puffy Puppy, Toy Cafe, Wacky Motors, Wacky Pilots, and War Corps.
Third-party GREE titles can also be at TGS: FIFA World Class Soccer, Dragon Tactics, Bahamut Brave, Resident Evil Vs., Monster Hunter Massive Hunting, Knight Legends, Gang Domination, Hyakuman nin no Winning Post, Dragon Collection, Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, Emperors SaGa, Sengoku Frontier, Summonnight Collection, Tales of Card Evolve, Idol ☆ J@M, Be My Princess for GREE, and Assassin's Creed: Utopia.
In addition, GREE founder and mmoah leader Yoshikazu Tanaka will provide you with the second half with the TGS Forum 2012 keynote, scheduled for September 20th. His speech will tentatively be called "Smart Devices as well as the Evolution of Social Gaming."
The Tokyo Game Show runs from September 20th through 23rd, so we'll be there to take you every one of the latest news from Chiba, Japan.