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But hey, we all understand the Steve Wynne philosophy. You can bet Wynne and his guys conducted a creative session to pick up a name that would ping in the mind of his target market. You can bet Wynne's product clinics on the "Hemp" name produced responses in the "way cool" range from kids he wanted to reach. You can bet he discussed with corporate Golden Goose Sneakers counsel the downside the name would have, and concluded its street value outweighed any risk. And you can bet Wynne was in on every decision because he's now so offensively defensive.

Without doubt best aphrodisiacs are Sun, a good sleep and fresh air. A good sleep is necessary for the body to pack itself up, to increase its energy and revitalize its hormones. Sun light is a powerful doping for our body including sexual hormones. The main reason of men's vitality in holidays is being relaxed in fresh air. But in Autumn's cloudy days some natural reinforcements may help a lot.

Sludikoff and Gines' group choreography is effectively realized in the limited space and pianist Michael Hochstetler's offstage accompaniment is a strong plus. On the down side, there's none of the leavening humor Swados intended, some of the shoe business is blurry, Ridel's solo dance spots lack punch and a prolonged strobe light segment is overkill (Jaime Sludikoff did the lights).

Processes involved in the clothing industry such as harvesting, processing, stitching, and finishing are labor intensive. Some producers use labor practices that infringe on the rights and dignity of workers. We can help stop such abuse by buying clothes that are advertised as produced under fair trade conditions. We can contribute directly to reduce this postconsumer wastage.

Specific initiatives may be set up to take care of each of the three objectives outlined above. Newer businesses may need to focus on the first two objectives Golden Goose by using more knowledgebased advertisements, while more established companies may need to direct more funds towards retaining customers or staying in the minds of customers.