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Choose how to care for your hair and how to keep your Vietnam hair long before the wedding day, which always makes many brides disturbed. Marry will tell you the secret effective many sisters apply. Embracing the beauty of "human root" to become the most beautiful bride on the big day!

Vietnam hair

With the environmental pollution, wind bui, stress when preparing the wedding plus the impact from the bending, dye that make the hair of many brides weak future, much fall and fiber. Especially in the last season, cold weather lasts also impact not small to the hair. Choose a hair care to "save" the "human root" is the concern of many sisters.

For girls who will be married for the end of the year, wanting to have beautiful, long-haired hair in order to have an impressive bridal hairstyle is more urgent. With the tips and the care of the following, just be patient and patient, you will be confident to be a bride with long, thick and healthy hair.

- In the cold season, the weather is dry so it is easy to make the hair weak and split. Choose a good shampoo and conditioner to moisturize your hair.

- Absolutely do not wash with too hot or too cold water. Only use warm water to wash your hair, it will not dry and discolor (if the hair is dyed).

- Do not wash the oil every day, this will reduce the amount of oil to help smooth hair. A week should only wash 2-3 times.

- Avoid drying, heat or heat on the hair during the wedding ceremony will dry out, especially on the cold end of the year.

- For shiny, strong and long hair, you should regularly condition your hair with oils such as coconut oil, olive oil ... make masks hair.

Lift hair with olive oil

The easiest way to do homemade masks is at home

1. Vietnam Egg and yogurt masks

Vitamin E in the egg white helps keep hair smooth, shiny. Chicken eggs are also a good source of protein to stimulate long hair growth. Vitamin D in these materials works to promote Vietnam hair growth better. Bring it on with this recipe once a week to make your hair grow longer. Can mix half a lemon juice into water to rinse the smell of eggs.


- 1 chicken egg

- Half a box of yogurt


Step 1: Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl.

Step 2: Wet your hair, apply the mixture to the hair roots and scalp, combined with gentle massage to help circulation blood, scalp and hair easily absorbed vitamins and essential substances.

Step 3: Turn your hair down for an hour.

Step 4: Wash with cold water and shampoo.

2. Vietnam Hair care effective with coconut oil

Dry, damaged and breakable hair can become thick, shiny and reduce the phenomenon of hair loss in a short time thanks to simple materials: coconut oil. The essence in coconut oil penetrates into the hair, preventing protein depletion in the hair to reduce the breakdown and splitting of the tops.

Just two teaspoons of coconut oil each day to massage the scalp and hair roots that you have enough to supply the hair the essential vitamins of the day without using any other cosmetic.

Using coconut oil as a kind of mask, you use some coconut oil to smooth hair, massage gently to permeate the hair. Then heat your hair with a warm towel or hood for about 30 minutes and then wash with warm water. Applying this way, Vietnam hair becomes black, longer and thicker than seen in just one week. Surely you will get beautiful wedding hairstyles after haircut by this way.

3. Mask the hair from beer and fresh milk

Maybe this is an unfamiliar hair care but beer is one of the keys to effective long hair that many people do not expect. The beer contains a large amount of B vitamins necessary to promote long hair faster.


- 50ml of beer

- 20ml fresh milk


Step 1: Mix beer and fresh milk.

Step 2: Shampoo your hair and mix with the mixture. Bring the hair within 30 minutes.

Step 3: Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with cool water.

This mask helps balance pH, moisturizes the hair and scalp, helps hair grow faster.

Bride's bridal hair

4. Long-haired long Vietnam hair with Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is a substance that promotes blood circulation in the body, stimulates the growth of long hair, helps blood flow to the scalp quickly, and prevents fracture. You can crush some B1 and mix it with shampoo to keep your hair long and healthy.


10 tablets of vitamin B1

1 cup of warm water.

Shampoo and conditioner


Step 1: Soak 10 tablets of vitamin B1 into a bowl of warm water to soft and puree

Step 2: Put a small amount of shampoo on the same vitamins crushed, mix well

Step 3: Wet your Vietnam hair and scalp then use the mixture to wash your Vietnam remy hair as usual. Massage gently into the hair follicles and scalp for 10 minutes

Step 4: Rinse the hair with conditioner and let the hair dry naturally.

Besides these external hair treatments, you need to nourish the Vietnam hair from the inside. Along with protein, zinc, iron are closely related